Benefits Of Anti-Glare Coating For Your Eyeglasses

3 Benefits Of Anti-Glare Coating For Your Eyeglasses

Anti-Glare Coating For Your Eyeglasses

Experiencing glares can be very uncomfortable and at times even dangerous. Glares, or the excessive brightness caused by direct or reflected light, can cause eye conditions such as eye strain, halos, low visibility, and even headaches, making it unsafe for someone to partake in normal activities such as driving. Anti-glare coating on your glasses (also known as anti-reflective or AR coating) helps to reduce glare and other symptoms associated with it.

Anti-glare coating is a thin layer applied to the surface of the lenses to your eyeglasses that allows more light to pass through your lenses. This reduces the time that light is being reflected off your lenses, allowing you to see more clearly and comfortably.

Here are 3 major benefits to anti-glare coating that you should consider for the next time you order glasses.

Better Appearance

Anti-glare coating on your glasses stops bright lights from reflecting off your lenses. Your glasses may reflect light when you’re talking to people, will have flash reflections in photos, and can make video-calls extremely difficult. Anti-reflective coating removes these harsh reflections, allowing others to clearly see your eyes and face and avoid awkward moments.

Reduces Digital Eye Strain

Many of us work from our laptops, computer screens, or phone screens all day. This eventually takes a toll on your eyes. Your eyes may begin to feel tired or irritated after looking at screens all day, a condition called digital eye strain. Anti-glare coating reduces this strain by lowering exposure to excessive glare from digital devices. We recommend anti-glare eyeglasses for computer eye strain relief.

Safe Driving at Night

When you’re behind the wheel of a car, your safety as well as the safety of everyone around you depends on your ability to see clearly. When driving at night, glares often occur due to the bright headlights from cars driving in the opposite direction. Anti-glare coating on your eyewear will reduce these reflections and allow you to have better vision, therefore making your night drives safer.

Your eyes can look and feel better with anti-glare coating. Adding anti-glare coating to your glasses or your next glasses order is as easy as talking to your optometrist. Contact Dr. D’Orio Eyecare today to book an appointment: North York Eye Clinic: (416) 661-5555, Toronto Eye Clinic: (416) 656-2020.

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