WHAT IS A Strabismus?

Strabismus refers to the misalignment of an individual’s eye. An eye can be turned in towards the nose or turned out towards the ear. An eye that is turned in is known as esotropia; and an eye that’s turned out is known as exotropia. A patient who has an eyeturn is more susceptible in developing amblyopia (lazy eye). Strabismus is usually caused with things that affect the brain such as; cerebral palsy, down syndrome, hydrocephalus, brain tumor or prematurity. It is more common with an extra-ocular muscle paresis because there is a lack of stimulation by the cranial nerves, which is needed to activate the muscles to keep the eyes aligned. In order to develop good vision out of the strabismus eye, one must try to stimulate it to be used. In order to accomplish this; one may use glasses, patching the better eye, cycloplegic drops, or surgery.


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