Who can get Dry Eye?

Dry Eye can affect anyone irrelevant of gender. Nevertheless, women are more affected than men, and it starts showing signs as they advance in age.

How can Dry Eye be treated?

There are many modalities of treatment. Your eye care professional will help personalize a treatment plan based on their assessment.

What can I do if my eyes are dry at nighttime?

Before you sleep at night:

  1. Ensure your eyes and eyelids are properly cleansed.
  2. Make sure you add warm compresses with digital eyelid massage to your eyes before you go to bed.
  3. Use a lubricating drop or ointment as prescribed by your optometrist before going to bed.

What steps should I take if my dry eye is affecting me badly?

Visit the office of an experienced eye care professional. It is likely these professionals devise optional treatment plans to help you control the indicators of the dry eye efficiently.

I have never experienced Dy Eye in the past, why would the ailment show signs now?

Various factors are responsible for the occurrence of a Dry eye. They may be as a result of the modification of your prescribed drugs, natural aging, and increased exposure to the computer light. Try as much as possible to contact an eye care expert if you notice some symptoms.

I noticed that my Dry Eye appear to be worse during the winter. Can I do anything to relieve the symptoms?

The winter period is characterized by cold, dry air and wind outside and dry, as well as warm air inside. Wear wraparound glasses to ensure your eyes do not come in contact with excess air when you go out. Humidify your abode when you are indoors to reduce the dry air.

Why are my eyes producing more tears when I have Dry Eye?

The eyes experience irritation when you have Dry Eye. During this period, the eyes release more tears to alleviate the irritation.

What Can I do as I am experiencing dry eyes when I wake up?

The first step is to know the cause of your dry eye. Your dry eyes can be caused by environmental factors especially if you have strained air heating and air conditioning. Your dry eyes can be caused by physical factors or prescription you are currently using at the moment. However, book an appointment with a professional who specializes in the treatment of eye problems to help you identify the real causes and offer you a suitable treatment plan.

When I wake up, I have stark discharges in the corner of my eye, what is the next step?

It is essential to have a chat with your eye care expert if it is a protracted issue. Your eye care professional can advise you to put warm compresses on your eyelids to make the secretions softer. You can also apply a lid hygiene product to clean your eyes.

Can I have Dry Eye disease if my eyes don't feel dry?

Yes. Dry eyes is a disease that can be symptomatic or asymptomatic. The way to determine if true dry eyes is present is by osmolarity testing.

Why does it feel like there's sand in my eyes?

This sensation is due to dry spots on the cornea that occur from evaporation of tears. During a blink, the eyelid swipe over those dry spots, thus creating this feeling.

Could I be doing things to make my dry eyes worse?

Get the Red Out. These medicated drops do not address the underlying symptom of dryness. Rather, drops like Visine work by constricting the blood vessels in the eyes causing the redness to disappear. This action results in a rebound effect of redness and further dries out the surface of the eyes.


Taking an oral antihistamine for itchy eyes during allergy season. Oral antihistamines can cause increased tear evaporation by changing the tear film composition. Switching to an allergy eye drop will treat your allergy symptoms without drying out the eyes.


Poorly cleaning contact lenses. Poor lens hygiene includes; not replacing the solution nightly, not cleaning the case, and using cleaning solution that is not compatible with your particular contact lens material.


Extending contact lens wear past advised replacement schedule. Studies show that wearing contacts past their advised wearing schedule decreases the oxygen permeability of contact lenses.


Extensive computer use.


Poor hydration.

What if I don't treat my dry eyes? Will it get worse?

Dry Eye is a chronic progressive disease that affects the ocular surface/tearfilm of the eye. If left untreated; the symptoms will progress and may damage the surface of your eye. Excessive dryness can scar the cornea, thus causing decrease in vision and damage to surface tissue.

Can Dry eyes affect my ability to wear contact lenses?

Yes. Dry eyes can cause lens intolerance and discomfort since the tears don’t adequately keep the lens lubricated. Therefore, more susceptible to irritation, protein deposits, infection and pain.

Are any diseases linked with dry eye syndrome?

Common conditions that are closely associated with dry eye syndrome are; rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, thyroid disease, lupus and other auto-immune disorders.

Am I a candidate for Dr.D'Orio Eyecare Specialist?

Take the questionnaire to see if your symptoms are related to dryness.

How can my watery eyes be dry?

It seems contradictory that a watery eye is a key sign of dryness. The physiological reason for this is that an irritated ocular surface will stimulate the eye to produce tears in attempt to re-stabilize a homeostatic environment.







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