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How is Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) Treated?

Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) Treated

Lazy eye (otherwise known as amblyopia) can be treated in a variety of ways depending on the type, severity of the case, and the age of the patient. In the past, treatment for lazy eye would begin before a person turns 8 years old, however, recent studies show that lazy eye can be treated in everyone, regardless of their age. Though, early diagnosis can lead to a better outcome.

Here’s how optometrists treat lazy eye:

Corrective Eyewear

The first and most effective way to treat lazy eye is to simply correct the vision using corrective eyewear. By ensuring that each eye reaches the highest visual acuity possible, the lazy eye will begin to gain better vision and essentially “get used” to seeing the world clearly.

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is one of the most highly successful ways of improving visual acuity, binocular vision, reading fluency and depth perception. There are many different types of vision therapy programs that can help lazy eyes with:

  • Accommodation (focusing)
  • Fixation (visual gaze)
  • Saccades (eye jumps)
  • Pursuits (eye tracking)
  • Spatial skills (eye-hand coordination)
  • Binocular vision (the eyes working together)
  • Stereopsis (3-D vision)

These vision therapy programs will help the two eyes (the one that is lazy and the one that is functioning properly) work together by creating a deep neurological connection between the two eyes and the brain.

Eye Patching

It involves placing an eye patch over the stronger eye, therefore forcing the lazy eye to work and develop a better connection to the brain. This accommodating work that the lazy eye does will strengthen and recover its vision. Length of treatment is dependent on the age of the person and on how long the lazy eye has been present for.

Although these are the most popular forms of treatment for lazy eye, other treatments include:

  • Atropine eye drops (drops put into the strong eye that makes vision blurry, forcing the lazy eye to do extra work. Similar to eye patching method)
  • Surgery (the most invasive method and is not always recommended if the eyes are aligned)

If you or your child suffers from lazy eye but don’t know what treatment to go about, call the professionals at Dr. D’Orio Eyecare. As expert optometrists, we can help you achieve comfortable and clear vision. Contact us today at either of our locations to book an appointment.

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