Incredible Eyes In Animals


We all know how amazing the human eye is and what it can do. But have you every stopped to think or to research how cool some of our world’s animals’ eyes are? Here are 6 of the world’s animals with some pretty cool eye capabilities!

1. Chameleons: They are famous for their abilities to change their body’s colour but did you know they have 360 degree vision? Each of their eyes can move independently from the other!

2. Dragonflies: With absolutely superb vision they can detect colors and polarized light. Their eyes are so big they cover almost their entire head!

3. Giant Squids: Each of their dinner plate sized eyes have built in lights that they can turn on or off when they need it.

4. Goats: Who would have thought? Despite our eyes being round theirs are rectangular. This gives them 320-340 degree vision.

5. Mantis Shrimp: I bet you didn’t think a shrimp would have better colour vision than you? Well they do! We only have three colour receptors in our eyes, whereas the Mantis Shrimp have 12!

6. Tarsier: Each of their eyes weighs more than their brain. That may be the price you pay to have acute eyesight and superb night vision.

Our world is full of amazing creatures we would love to see, but our guess is they will see us first!


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