ZEISS DuraVision Chrome UV

ZEISS DuraVision Chrome UV

Because every patient deserves a great lens.


DuraVision® Chrome UV offers glare reduction, easy cleaning and scratch resistance in a conventional green hue reflex color.


ZEISS DuraVision Chrome UV is an an excellent entry level option for patients who desire premium ZEISS quality.

Easier to clean

More than good durability

ZEISS DuraVision Chrome UV sets pioneering standards in durability. Wearers will enjoy a totally new experience in wearing comfort – thanks to the effect of Clean Coat.


Simply clean – simple to clean

Fluid and dirt simply drip or fall off the lens. Cleaning and lens care are much easier if the lens does get dirty.

The benefits for the wearer

1. Robust

ZEISS lenses with DuraVision Chrome UV AR coating are durable lenses as they are provided with a hard scratch resistant coating.


2. Resistant

Thanks to the ultra-smooth Clean Coat, dust and lint do not adhere to the surface easily.


3. Very easy to clean

The super-slick Clean Coat makes lenses very easy to clean. Lenses with high contact angle repel oil and water more effectively.


4. Anti-reflective properties

Green reflection color provides good anti-reflective properties.

Surface and coating structure

Pre-treatment and compression through ion bombardment
Optimization of internal stress


Hard coating

Optimally adapted to the base lens material and the coating structure
Strengthened by nano-particles


ZEISS DuraVision Chrome UV anti-reflection coating

Residual reflection with discreet, green color
Low reflectance
Good Clarity of over 98 %


Clean Coat


Cuv1 1

Coating structure of ZEISS DuraVision Chrome UV

1. Hard coating, reinforced by nano-particles

2. Adhesive layer with optimized formula

3. ZEISS DuraVision Chrome UV anti-reflection coating, proven multilayer structure with good clarity

4. Clean Coat, extremely smooth, optimization of internal stress

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