ZEISS 3D Single Vision

ZEISS 3D Single Vision


Widen your view


Beyond aspheric. Beyond standard atoric. ZEISS 3D Single Vision lenses offer improved clarity and vision. Advanced freeform technology allows more precision compared to conventional single vision lenses, leading to clear and sharp vision over the entire lens.


Single vision lenses have only one dioptric power. They are primarily used for single power distance vision or reading. However, since single vision reading lenses often do not provide presbyopes with comfortable vision at intermediate distances, they are now often replaced by so-called proximity/intermediate lenses.


Benefits of ZEISS single vision lenses

Benefits for the wearer

Superior clarity and sharper vision

Thinner & flatter lenses for improved aesthetiques and comfort.

Enhanced night and low light vision, when i.Scription® technology is applied

ZEISS 3D Single Vision at a glance

Utilizes advanced freeform technology by ZEISS.

Point-by-point optimization leads to fewer power errors in the lens periphery and greater optical precision.

Optimized for every prescription: sphere, cylinder, axis, prism and prism base.

Available with i.Scription® technology.

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