You can follow these guidelines to prevent or reduce the symptoms of Dry Eye as living with dry eye can be difficult.

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1. Apply artificial tears. You can have access to artificial tears without a prescription. Various types of artificial tears are available in the market but the choice is yours to make. If you are a regular user who makes use of these artificial tears for a period more than two hours, you may buy those products that do not have preservatives. Though lubricating gels are helpful, their thickness can cause blurry vision and they can be applied at night for faster results.


2. Reduce the exposure of your eyes to excessive air. Electrical appliances such as fans and hair dryers can cause dry eyes. Wear wraparound sunglasses to prevent the wind from affecting your sight on a windy day.


3. During winter, make use of a humidifier. It will help you add moisture into the air. You can use a pan of water on your radiator can be an excellent alternative.


4. Relax your eyes. If you notice exposing your eyes to television or reading makes your eyes dry, you can take regular break sessions. These breaks are necessary to help your eyes recover the moisture they have lost.


5. Make sure you avoid the smoke of cigarette. Smoke from cigarettes is capable of irritating your eyes; make sure you avoid smoking at all costs.


6. Place warm compresses and wash your eyelids with baby shampoo properly. Baby shampoo will assist you to liberate the oil in the glands of your eyelids which will enhance the quality of your tears. Cleanse the soap from your eyes when you are through with the washing.


7.  Make use of an Omega-3 fatty acid supplement. Some individuals acquire relief by adding omega-3 fatty acids to their meals. These fatty acids are visible in flax seeds, sardines, anchovies, and salmon. You need to consult an ophthalmologist to offer you advice on the appropriate dosage of omega-3 fatty acids.







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