(M)Biomedics 55 Premier

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(M)Biomedics 55 Premier
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Biomedics Premier contact lenses from CooperVision are designed to combat spherical aberration or the inability of the lens to focus light on a common point. These contacts offer clear vision along with superior comfort during extended wear. As with all biweekly and weekly lenses, Biomedics Premier should be disinfected and stored every day, using new contact lens cleaning solution and a clean lens container.


  • Type: Weekly Contact Lenses
  • Packaging: 6 lenses per box
  • Content: 55% water & 45% Ocufilcon D
  • Brand: CooperVision


How To Put In Contact Lenses
  1. Wash hands thoroughly and dry them well
  2. Open CL case and use fingertip to put CL in non-dominant hand
  3. Rinse lens with multi-purpose CL solution. Never use water.
  4. Put lens on top of the index or middle finger of your dominant hand
  5. Check to make sure the lens isn’t damaged and that the correct side is facing up. Edges of the lens should turn up to form a bowl not flip out
  6. Hold upper eyelid open with your non dominant hand while looking in the mirror
  7. Hold down you lower eyelid with your middle finger of your dominant hand while looking in mirror
  8. Place the lens on your eye. You can look in front of you or up toward the ceiling while putting the lens in
  9. Close eyes slowly and blink a couple times so the lens settles into the appropriate place
To Take Your Lenses Out
  1. Look up and pull down your lower eyelid with your middle finger.
  2. Using your index finger, slide the lens down to the white part of your eye.
  3. Pinch the lens between your fingers and remove it from your eye.
  4. Fill the empty lens case with solution.
  5. Wet each side of the lens with solution.
  6. Rub each lens for 20 seconds with your finger
  7. Rinse each side of the lens for 10 seconds with steady stream of solution
  8. Place lens in case and tighten the lid and leave overnight for at least 6 hrs


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