Eye Examination

Enjoy an eye exam that is stress free and comfortable. We provide in-depth and comprehensive eye exams.


We then take our findings, review it with the patient and discuss recommended paths of further treatment and exploration. Additionally, we have specialized exams for patients who have specific conditions such as glaucoma, diabetics, hypertensive or dry eyes patients, which allow for unique and customized treatment.





A child’s eyesight is pertinent to their future success. We have a specialized exam designed specifically for young children that help to extract key data around their ocular health. We also carry several products unique to children care, allowing for the best overall experience.


We provide the Hoya program. This program is a highly recognized initiative that offers the best products for children requiring eyeglasses. Hoya is an ophthalmic lens supplier and working in tandem with our clinic, we are able to provide children who purchased a new pair of lenses another free pair for FREE, up to 15 months from the original purchase date. Glasses are extremely important to children, since without being able to see properly educational growth can be impeded. So, at our clinic we are able to help: if a child grows and their Rx changes within 15 months, they are entitled to a new pair of lenses for free with a new Rx. Or, they get a backup pair. It’s a great offer!


We are also involved with the ESEL (Eye See Eye Learn) program. This program gives the child a free pair of glasses to help promote the importance of vision in their educational development. Please note that the ESEL program is for preschoolers aged 4 and under.

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