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Enjoy an eye exam that is stress free and comfortable.


We offer an in-depth comprehensive eye exam that provides a great foundation for beginning a patient’s eye care for current and future appointments. For every eye exam, the doctor will make sure that you have a prescription that will help you see better as well as make sure the eye is healthy. Every finding the optometrist records during the examination will be explained and discussed with the patient, along with recommending the best course of action for their eyes. Additionally, we offer specialized exams for patients who have specific conditions such as: glaucoma, diabetes, keratoconus, dry eyes and binocular dysfunctions. These other services allow the doctor to properly diagnose and treat the conditions adequately based on the newest innovations in the optometry industry.





A child’s eyesight is pertinent to their future success in school. Many parents can be unaware that their child has a prescription. Parents usually notice it only when the child has a high prescription and affecting both eyes. However, most of the time the children that need to be seen by a kids optometrist are those with astigmatism, latent far-sightedness, eyeturn and having only one eye affected. It is important to have a kids eye doctor perform an examination to make sure they are not at risk to develop lazy eyes, amblyopia. Our exam is designed specifically for young children that help to extract key data around their ocular health. We also carry several products unique for children care, allowing for the best overall experience.


At Dr. D’Orio’s, we believe the importance of children wearing their eyeglasses if needed. For this reason, we offer a multitude of affordable children programs for purchasing eyeglasses. These programs are very cost effective for the patient and provide the best vision for children that require eyeglasses. The ophthalmic lenses that we offer come from reputable and well-known suppliers that work in tandem with our clinic. This allows us to offer two pairs of glasses for the price of one as well as Dr. D’Orio’s Eye Grow Program, which gives the child a spare pair of lenses in case they need to update prescription in the future. We are also involved with the ESEL (Eye See Eye Learn) program. This program gives the child a free pair of glasses to help promote the importance of vision in their educational development. Please note that the ESEL program is for pre-schoolers aged 4 and under.


Glasses are extremely important to children, without being able to see properly, educational growth can be impeded. As an eye doctor, children not only need to have their eye health and prescription checked, but they should also have their visual skills assessed. If the child’s visual skills are deficient then vision therapy is the course of treatment. By strengthening these visual skills, a parent can be re-assured that their child’s eye is working optimally for visual perception, learning, tracking and reading.


If you are looking for a children’s optometrist near you, then please book an appointment at Dr. D’Orio Eyecare today!

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