Our eyes have an automatic focusing system which enables us to see objects clearly at any distance with the help of the ciliary muscle, a muscle located inside our eye. The medical term for this process is called accommodation, also known as eye focusing. Eye focusing allows an individual to make rapid and accurate shifts with automatic clarity while looking from their book to the board. Appropriate eye focusing skills also allows an individual to maintain a clear focus at reading distance. If an individual is suffering from an eye focusing problem they are unable to quickly and accurately relax or contract the focusing muscle, or the muscle contraction cannot be maintained for adequate periods of time for reading or any desk work. Symptoms of an eye focusing problem can include blurred vision while reading, inability to sustain clear vision at distance after reading, fatigue or headaches. Treatment of eye focusing problems can include wearing glasses or a specialized vision therapy program designed for the individual. If you or your child exhibit any signs or symptoms that are associated with eye focusing problems, please contact our office. We would be happy to assist you in getting the help you need and answer any questions you have.


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