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The Blephex machine is a medical device that is used by ophthalmologists to treat Blepharitis, the most common eye disease in the world. And until recently, it is the most undertreated eye disease in the world. It is also a precursor to Dry Eye Disease (DED). Some of the visual symptoms of Blepharitis are the swelling, grittiness and crusting of the eyes. This crusting can lead to the very terrifying issue of the sufferer’s eyes being stuck together in the morning. The irritating effects of itching and foreign body sensation accompany this unsightly appearance, along with the constant need to rub them. As the disease progresses, it will eventually lead to DED.

These symptoms are the result of the over production of otherwise normally occurring bacteria that live along the margins of the eyelid and eyelash area. This overgrowth of bacteria spawns a biofilm that is the perfect environment for the Demodex mite, which produces exotoxins that damage tear glands and prevent them from actively creating healthy tears – which help to maintain the health of the eyelid and eyelash area.

The process of cleaning with the Blephex machine is painless and quite simple – the ophthalmologists glides the clinical grade sponge along the eye lid and lash line. This procedure removes the biofilm which the Demodex Mite use as a food source. This brief procedure brings immediate relief and the production of healthy tears is initiated. The beneficial effects of cleaning your eyelid and eyelash area are much like visiting your dentist to maintain healthy teeth. By having your eyelids cleaned regularly, this ensures that Blepharitis will be stopped from returning and that your tear glands will actively continue to make healthy tears, thus avoiding Dry Eye Disease.

Our location at St. Clair is fully equipped to check for Dry Eye Disease. Contact us before this becomes a problem that could have been prevented.


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