Tips To Help You Insert Contact Lenses Confidently

Contact Lens Insertion

Tips To Help You Insert Contact Lenses Confidently

If you are a full-time glasses-wearer, you may have considered switching to contact lenses. Contact lenses can give you the freedom of clear vision glasses-free, allow you to more easily participate in sports or rigorous activity, or even allow you to simply change your appearance.

However, switching to contact lenses might seem daunting. It is important to prioritize proper contact lens wear and maintenance in order to prevent irritation and keep your eyes healthy, as well as master proper insertion and removal of your lenses.

Today, we will go over some contact lens must-do’s and tips for insertion to help you gain confidence with your contacts and prepare you for every-day wear!

Contact Lens Musts

Before you begin your journey with contact lenses, there are some steps that you must follow to ensure proper usage.

1. Whether you are inserting or removing your contacts, always wash your hands before you handle your contact lenses. This will prevent bacteria or other foreign matter from coming into contact with your lens and entering your eye, as well as help prevent infection. After you wash your hands, ensure they are dry before insertion or removal, as wet hands can make it difficult to handle your lenses properly.

2. Use the soft pads of your fingers when you are removing or inserting your contact lenses. Avoid contact with your fingernails as this could cause a tear in your contact lens. Keep your fingernails short to avoid tears in your lenses as you handle them.

3. Follow the care and usage instructions provided by your eye care provider. Different lenses may have different procedures to follow in order to keep them clean, maintain your eye health, and prolong the lifespan of your lenses. Your eye care provider will be able to advise you of the proper wear and care regimens for your eyes and your lenses.

Tips for Contact Lens Insertion 

1. Make sure that your contact lens is not inside out! Place the lens on the tip of your finger and check the shape of the lens. If you notice that the rim of the lens turns outward, then the lens is likely inside out. The lens should appear like a round bowl with even edges. If you insert a lens inside out, it can cause eye irritation and discomfort. If you notice your lens is inside out, use your fingers to flip it in the proper direction, clean the lens with contact lens solution, and proceed with insertion.

2. Insert your lens above a sink or a countertop. Contact lenses can be slippery and easy to drop… and lose. Inserting above a countertop means that if you drop your lens, it will be more easily found, and you will avoid picking up larger dirt particles or bacteria that may be found on your floor. If you are inserting above a sink, make sure that you plug the drain so that the contact cannot slip down the drain!

3. When you are inserting your contact, focus your eyes on the middle distance… do not look directly at the finger that is inserting your lens! Looking at the lens as it is being inserted could cause you to reflexively blink or flinch as it approaches your eye. You could risk losing your lens if your eyelid or lashes brush the lens off your finger. By focusing on the middle distance, you are less likely to perceive danger to your eye and trigger protective reflexes.

4. Always start by inserting your contact into the same eye. Building this habit will make it less likely that you mix up your eyes and insert the wrong lens—especially if your eyes have differing prescriptions. Creating a habit for your lens insertion and removal will also allow you to handle your contacts more confidently, as your body adjusts to the routine movements and pattern of your contact lens wear.

If you are still finding it difficult to insert and handle your lenses, don’t worry! Take your time, stay calm, and practice… most people have an adjustment period when they start using contact lenses. You will quickly get the hang of inserting your contact lenses. If you experience discomfort while you are wearing your contact lenses, remove your lenses immediately to avoid irritation. Continue to schedule regular appointments with your eye care professional. Even if you are a regular lens user, your eyes could “outgrow” your contacts causing a poor fit and discomfort or damage to your eyes. Your eye doctor will be able to assess your lenses and determine if they are right for your individual eye needs.

The optometry team at Dr D’Orio Eyecare can assist you with your vision needs. To book an appointment visit or call us at 416 656 2020 for our Toronto location, or 416 661 5555 for North York.

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