Why You Should Consider Contact Lenses For Sports


Approximately half a million Canadians are estimated to have some version of vision loss. Whether it is a diagnosis of nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, vision loss affects your everyday life, especially if you are active in sports.


When compared to eyeglass frames, contact lenses have a number of advantages to enhance your sports play. They are particularly great for teenagers who are highly involved in athletics. About 70% of children who were surveyed in a 2010 North American Optometric Association report stated that they felt their performance improved when choosing contacts over glasses, as many vision obstacles they had faced in the past had been eliminated.

Here are some ways in which contact lenses can improve your game:

1. Better Peripheral Vision

By wearing contact lenses during sports, you are allowing yourself to have better peripheral vision. Even though there are sport eyeglass frames available, most turn to contact lenses as the easier option. Especially since most sports frames usually wrap around your head obstructing your full vision range.

2. Unobstructed Field Of View

Also contact lenses allow you to see without any obstructions within your field of view. Thick glass frames often block or distort what you see. By wearing contacts you can see more of your surroundings and have better reaction times to objects that are coming at you.

Less Likelihood Of Fogging Up Or Getting Splattered

If you are wearing contacts then there is no need for concern in terms of weather conditions. Contacts will not fog up or become speckled from the rain as glasses do, therefore allowing you to focus on your game.

4. Less Chance Of Injury

By wearing contacts you are eliminating the chance of injury that may happen. If you were to be hit in the face with a ball or have full on contact with another player there is concern of glass breaking and going into your eye. By wearing contacts you are eliminating the chances of the additional injury.

5. More Stable Vision

If the sport you are partaking in is particularly vigorous, your glasses will slide on your face with each step you take. As well you may experience vision disturbances with glasses when you are running. Wearing contacts fully eliminates the worry of your lenses falling off your face and disrupting your vision.

6. Better Compatibility With Safety Equipment

For the sports that require additional headgear and equipment, contacts will not interfere with the fit or comfort.

An added bonus of daily contact lenses is that you can wear them for the game and dispose of them after. Eliminating the hassle of frame up-keep.

Overall, all athletes should consider switching to contacts, as this may increase their game play.


Custom tinted soft contact lenses are another option to consider when looking for vision correction that is safe for sports play. By selectively filtering light rays and aiding in visual comfort, tinted soft contact lenses allow you to increase your reaction time of objects coming your way.

While providing many competitive advantages, tinted soft contact lenses come in varying tints. Amber tint is more preferred with baseball, tennis and soccer, as they are particularly effective at blocking out blue light making them ideal lenses for outdoor fast play. Grey-green tints are more preferred for golf, biking and running, sports that are played in bright sunny light. This tint blocks excess brightness and mildly increases contrast without colour distortion.

If you are interested in investing in contacts for sports discuss with your eye doctor on which lenses will work best for your sports lifestyle.

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